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Our Services

SUN VALLEY MEDICAL CLINIC (Adults 18 yrs and above)

This page is our opportunity to explain the services we provide. We may also include a description of each service and explanation of the procedures we utilize.

Here are examples of areas of specialization we might mention:

- Pain (headache, neck)
- Seizures
- Strokes
- Parkinson's Disease
- Alzheimer's Disease
- Vertigo, Dizziness

We may discuss some common medical problems in this section.


If you are experiencing headaches all the time it may be more than just a simple problem. We will do a full examination to determine the cause of the problem.

For any questions or to schedule an appointment please call us at:
Sun Valley Medical Clinic
11548 Vista Del Sol Drive
El Paso TX 79936
Phone: (915) 594-0565